LVIN #C Internacional Meeting in Cori, Italy, Community Maps and Oral Memory

The LVIN #C project organized an international meeting in Cori, Italy, in July 2024, focused on community maps and oral memory, from July 1 to 5, 2024. On July 1, the following activities took place:

  1. Get to know each other and topics introduction. LVIN-C Project Presentation and Summary;
  2. LVIN: overview of the project;
  3. Community Maps and Itineraries of Oral Memory: lecture: Ethnographic Community Maps. A tool for heritage education (Dr. Martín Gómez-Ullate);
  4. lecture: Community maps in Portugal. The case study of Sabrosa (Tràs-os-Montes) (Gerardo Vidal Gonçalves);
  5. Mills and ancient bakeries, a community walk.

On July 2, the following activities took place:

  1. Communication and social media for rural branding;
  2. LVIN Cultural Heritage Analysis Report & Focus Group for International Comparative Analysis on Cultural Heritage and Citizenship;
  3. Organic olive oil and Slow Food philosophy. Study visit to an organic farm;
  4. Olive oil and organic farming visit.

On July 3, the following activities took place:

  1. Treasure hunt game, Telegram bots for cultural heritage;
  2. Meeting the mayor of Cori. Twinning Town Exploration with Torreorgaz;
  3. LVIN. 8TH BLENDED MEETING Past, present, and future of the network;
  4. Teamworking to assemble and curate NEB Exhibition and NEB Prize;
  5. Premiere of RYKJVK exhibition, New European Bauhaus workshop.

On July 4, the following activities took place:

  1. Visit to Ninfa Garden;
  2. Visit at Orto del Sandalo, self-managed green area and social participated lunch;
  3. Ancient Norba visit;
  4. Meeting with the municipality of Norma. Twinning Town Exploration with Cáceres.

On July 5, the following activities took place:

  1. Wrap up and conclusions;
  2. RYKJVK exhibition NEB, opening for local people.

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