Short Course on “Management and Control of Invasive Plants”, In Sabrosa Learning Village


In Portugal we find many species that are not part of the native flora, having been brought from their natural habitat, with origin in various regions of the world, for our territory since the time of the Discoveries to the present day. These non-native species are called exotic plants, whose name comes from the Greek word exóticos, meaning “from outside”. Some of these species coexist with the native species in a balanced way, but others develop very quickly and escape human control, becoming harmful to native flora, these exotic species being called invasive species.

The “Management and Control of Invasive Plants” course aims to inform and raise the awareness of regional and local administration bodies, environmental technicians, NGOs and the public interested in this topic, about the legislation in force, the methodologies that help to identify the invasive plants in our region, to assess their potential distribution, the degree of their impacts, how to control or eradicate these species and how to contribute to a good environmental management.

  • A class on invasive forest species, with the participation of technicians from the town of Sabrosa, the Nature Conservation Institute, scientists and the general public, local inhabitants and others.

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