LVIN #C Learning Villages in the study, valorization and preservation of heritage: the “Sword of Mouruás”, in San Xoán de Río, province of Orense, Spain.

The LVIN #C Project and its partners undertook yet another initiative to bring cultural heritage, local communities and rural areas, villages and learning villages closer together.
A team of archaeologists from AHAS ( went to the Ourense Museum, on May 30, 2023, to carry out a digital inventory (multidimensional scanning) of an archaeological artefact from the site known as Mourás , a small village located in San Xoán de Río, in the province of Orense, in the North of Spain.
It is a sword dating from the Bronze Age, in very good condition, found at the site of Mouruás (42.354946, -7.294408), near the Neiva river in Ourense, in 1967, in stone exploration and exploitation works for construction (granite stones) called “The Shepherdess”, the Sword of Mouruás appeared.
It is a Hemigkofen type sword, which at the time would have been collected by a member of the public who developed it, due to the persistence of the local communities and, above all, Mrs. Nemesia Blanco, a local inhabitant. After 56 years, the AHAS archeology team and the LVIN #C project and the San Xoán de Río City Council brought to Mrs. Nemesia Blanco, still alive, an exact replica of the Mouruás sword, printed using a 3D printer.
It is worth noting the happiness of Mrs. Nemesia Blanco and the entire community of Mouruás and family members when the replica sword was handed over. The original sword is in the Ourense Archology Museum.

The LVIN #C Project team thanks the Museum of Ourense and all its technicians for their help in the process of digitizing the artefact, for their effort and dynamism, and also thanks the municipality of San Xoán de Río and, above all, the inhabitants of Mouruás .

The collaboration of all project partners was also fantastic, Professor Martin Gomez-Ullate, from the University of Extremadura, the Mayor of San Xoan de Rio, the inhabitants of San Xoan, Mouruás and many other villages, the associations and companies that helped a lot in carrying out this initiative.

  • Delivery of the Replica of the Sword of Mouruás to Mrs. Nemesia Blanco, one of the people who fought most for the preservation of the sword and its return to the Museum, where it can be preserved, studied and valued.

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