LVIN #C Event/Convening “intervention music, protest songs … Portugal & Spain”

The so-called “Revolutionary Period” in Portugal, in the context of the end of the dictatorship, the end of the so-called “Estado Novo”, liberated not only society and the country from physical oppression but also from literary, philosophical, musical, social, religious and economic oppression. In fact, things went well and some went less well, naturally due to the “hot” climate caused by the liberation from more than 40 years of oppression, poverty, misery, prisons, PIDE, authoritarianism, and so on. In those difficult times, between April 1974 and 1976, a series of artists, musicians, painters, sculptors and many others created true works of art that were already floating in times of dictatorship.
The music, in this case the so-called “intervention music” or “protest music” or “protests” corresponds to a general line of revolt and an attempt to frame the needs of the people and the problems they were experiencing.
From our point of view, it’s important to celebrate this art, this musical art from a bygone era, a type of art or poetry whose messages are timeless. Intervention music is generally poetic and reflective.
AHAS and all partners of LVIN #C invites all interested parties, friends and members to take part in this fun event, an event of reflection and knowledge, an artistic event that seeks, in general, to publicise artistic manifestations from a period in Portugal’s history.


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